Storytelling in the Literary World

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” - Osho

Laura Thompson is an award-winning author and poet as well as a stage-produced playwright.

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Laughter in the Canyon

Laughter in the Canyon is the story of two lovers, living across many different lifetimes, both unaware that they have been soulmates since the dawn of history. over and over, fate brings them together only to tear them apart. It is a journey across time, three continents, many countries, cultures, and religions. Will this story of eternal love ever be fulfilled? 

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Global eBook Awards Nominee,
Santa Barbara, California

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Mosaic of Love

"Mosaic of Love" is a playful, wise and poignant book of poems about love and the mystery of life. With a unique perspective and distinct voice, Laura Thompson explores the meaning of love beginning with family, progressing to the garden of flowering lovers and culminating on the mystical note of universal love. Be a traveler on this pilgrimage of poems and seek for yourself the way of love.

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Le Cadre d'Or Prize for World Poetry,
Paris, France
Global eBook Awards Finalist,
Santa Barbara, California

As a playwright, Laura's one-act play, "Lost & Found" was read, acted and directed at the Chelsea Repertory LAB in New York City, September 2016.

"Lost & Found" was selected by Chelsea Repertory Company and LAB's 2016 e-Merging Artists Festival and was stage-produced during December 1-10, 2016 at The Bridge Theatre in Manhattan next door to Studio 54.

Based on her play “Lost & Found”, Laura garnered a 2017 Summer Literary Seminars writing fellowship in Kenya that was postponed to 2018 due to political tension during Kenya’s 2017 Presidential elections. In December 2018, Laura found her experience meaningful and amazing in Nairobi and Maasai Mara, including meeting fellow writers from around the world.

2019, Summer Literary Seminars Fellowship recipient for poetry. Retreat in the country of Georgia.

Proud Member of the Dramatists Guild of America since 2018. Staged-produced playwright.

My screenplays Revolutionary Spirits and Magical Manhattan are part of The Hot 100 List 2019! Capital Fund Screenplay Competition, founded by film financiers.

storytelling enhances narrative design coaching

Think of Narrative Design Coaching as constructing your current life story in four acts. Act One explains what's going on in your life and what you desire to overcome and achieve. Act Two explores various options, strategies, goals, and aspirations. Act Three experiments with what resonated most with you during your discovery process in Act One and Act Two, that is, you experiment and move forward while adjusting your strategies on a need basis as your desires and dreams may shift on your journey. Act Four sustains your new chapter in your life as you have shifted your mindset and behavior to maintain your new focus. Finally, the upward spiral continues like a bird circling up the tree and you repeat the process to start another new chapter in your life. Your life is like a book with many chapters to be written. Enjoy your own unique story. The world needs you!